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Thomas F. Eagleton University Professor
of Public Affairs and Political Science

E-mail: calvert at wustl.edu

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Research Interests


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EITM Europe 2013
Current courses:

On leave, 2013-2014 academic year.

Courses in Fall 2014:

  • PS 5052 Mathematical Modeling (old website here)
  • PS 5xxx American Constitutional Development (new course)

Other recent and planned courses (latest website):

PS 506 Intro to Game Theory
[last taught Spring 2013]

PS 260 / AMCS 2601 Game Theory in Science and Culture
[last taught Fall 2012]

PS / AMCS 3255 Development of the American Constitution
[last taught Spring 2012]

AMCS 560 The Constitution in American Political Culture
[last taught Spring 2012]

PS 5052 Mathematical Modeling in Political Science
[last taught Fall 2011]

PS 5071 Topics in Game Theory
[last taught Spring 2011]

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